My name is Emily Arkosi and I am the founding director and primary piano teacher within the studio which is based in KENMORE, Brisbane, Australia. Coming from a musical family, I have been playing the Piano for twenty years and learned under the supervision of a Suzuki teacher for the past 10  years, to whom I now train with. I have also graduated from the University of Queensland with a Music and Education Degree and now primarily focus on expanding the studio and continuing to develop10941699_10155231091740122_1116972491_n as a Suzuki tutor.

My primary goal is to equip my students with the necessary tools to succeed at their individual goals. Whether this encompasses mastering the piano, developing different coordination and listening skills, or the ability to play an instrument, I formulate future goals and lessons in order to accommodate for each individual student.

This studio is and will continue to be of the highest quality of professionalism, positivity and support for students to grow and develop in their own individual way. I strongly encourage students to be proud of their uniqueness, and strive personally within Avia Music Studios.

I strive to be a positive role model for my students, embracing a quote I found on a small plaque gifted to a friend of mine, “Live in the moment – make life beautiful”.